Why Choose Gas?

With flickering flames and heat reminiscent of a real coal or log fire, but without any of the inconvenience of course, there's nothing that can beat a living flame gas fire.

Aside from their authenticity, whether it's a flame effect model or a traditional radiant/convector that you choose, the impressive heat outputs and exceptional efficiency ratings provided by Robinson Willey's gas fires mean that not only are they gentler on the environment, they are cheaper to run too.

Some of Robinson Willey's gas fires boast an amazing 86% energy efficiency rating. Whilst the energy efficiency rating varies for each type of gas fire whatever type you choose RW will have class leading efficiencies. One thing remains the same, natural gas is still the lowest cost supplied fuel for the same kW usage and its kinder to the environment with life cycle CO2 emissions nearly half that of mains electricity.

Also, when it comes to their heat output, gas fires are unbeatable. Indeed, some of our gas fires achieve an incredible 4.0kW plus output, which is more than guaranteed to take the chill off your winter woes.

The ability to keep your home warm in the situation of a boiler breakdown or power cut is becoming an ever increasing concern, especially given our changing weather patterns; you will always be able to rely on heat from your gas fire. And, with not a fan in sight, you can sit back and savour the reduced running costs and noise!

With a surround or without a surround, with a chimney or without a chimney, the choice is yours. One thing is for sure, we have a gas fire to suit your every need.