Energy Efficiency and Running Costs

With the global need to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, the energy efficiency of gas fires has advanced considerably over the last ten years. So much so that the advent of superior burner technology, electronic ignition and ease of control now makes the current generation of gas fires amongst the most energy efficient heating products available.

Say goodbye to the days of the decorative gas fire that offered little warmth and only 20% energy efficiency and instead, embrace up to three times more heat output for the same money from today's new breed of gas fires.

You'll certainly be impressed with our RW Firecharm and Firegem Visa radiant/convector fires that deliver up to 89% energy efficiency. Plus, you can enjoy more for less from many of our open-fronted models, such as the RW SuperEco range, which deliver 68% energy efficiency.

Upgrading to a new high efficiency gas fire is wise. Not only is the payback quick - given the ever rising fuel prices - the use of an efficient gas fire can enable you to balance your whole house heating requirements with economy in mind. And even better, with gas still the lowest cost fuel supply and with CO2 emissions nearly half that of mains electricity for the same kW usage, it's a win-win situation.