Electric Fires - Energy saving features

Robinson Willey electric fires have many energy saving benefits which not only save money but will help reduce your carbon emissions as well.

All Robinson Willey electric fires have 100% efficient at point of use, so no heat is wasted.

On the Robinson Willey range of fires, the flames can also be used independently of the heating, so you can enjoy the cosiness of the flames on those dark but mild spring and autumn evenings, or when the central heating is on, without overheating and only costing the same as a few light bulbs.

All Robinson Willey fires also feature a room-sensing thermostat, which constantly measures the ambient temperature of the room, allowing you to set a room temperature for the fire to maintain. This not only means that your room will be kept at an optimum temperature with minimum effort, but also means that no unnecessary heat is produced - saving you money!

For further efficiency, the LE range of fires and suites feature LED bulbs to further reduce running costs over conventional and even fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. The total consumption using the LED's in flame effect only mode is between 14 and 18 watts per hour, depending on model, equating to an annual cost of £2* per annum. The expected life of our LED bulbs is also 50,000 hours or almost 25 years.

*Average 2008 rates p/kWh, assuming 5 hours/7 days per week usage